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By Making Sure Your Business Image Is Outstanding

We believe in

what you see is what you get.”

In this society, we as humans need to feel confident with the people we do business with. The competition in every industry has grown so much over the years that every week at least one new door opens for every field of work. The questions we keep repeating over and over in our heads is how to be better, gain more business, and keep up with the times.

Whether you are promoting an event, business or product, you want your idea to Stand Out and grab the viewers attention. You know your business. The right Graphics will help create a lasting impression. Here at Pixeleight we care about your design needs and will do everything possible to fulfil them.

The Creative Process

We can get your ideas out of your head and beautifully organise them on to your marketing piece.

This will help us get a jump-start on your project

Fast Turnaround

We know you'll be anxious to see what we have come up with. Within a few days we will have a first draft for you to look at and choose.

Increase Your ROI

Most redesigned ads get a 400% increase in calls in the first few months while a professionally looking website will give a visitor more confidence in your company.

Our Five Step System

Design Consultation

Research &  Inspiration

We Design Your Project

Revisions on Your Input

Finalise and Deliver

We’re here because we want to help small businesses market properly and have every chance to get known.

After all, our marketing agency is a small business and we can identify with the challenges small businesses go through.


We apply a fresh, unique and highly efficient approach to all challenges in order to determine how to create a customized media plan to fit within the client’s budget.


Give us a call.

When we listen to our clients ideas,

we make them our own as if it was our business we were promoting.

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