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Your business can be open 24/7 with a website. Having a well designed website will help potential customers find the information they are looking for.

The real purpose of having a website is so that people can have a conversation with you or your business without actually speaking to you at all.

It’s all about information! Showing others your services, explaining them and having a place for them to leave feedback or get in contact with you lets them know you are on your game.

Our entire goal is to design you a website around your branding to help you look much more professional to get your next client. Even if you are a one man show, a professionally designed website will always give the impact of a large and successful company.

Website Redesign

Is the web design of your site starting to show age?

Well whether you are interested in creating a completely new web design, or just want to freshen up what you already have.

Pixeleight is staffed with graphic designers that can spice up your web design and build it in a system that will make it simple for you to edit!

When does the project start?

1. We only start the project once all content and information is provided by customer.


2. We only provide 2 x Website Mock Ups unless otherwise stated in the Package


3. We only provide 2 x Logo Mock Ups unless otherwise stated in the package.


4. Once mock up design is selected, we cannot make any changes to the basic concept or design or colours or add any menus.


Once we start the design work on mockups, we cannot provide any refunds at all.


Adjustments & Fixes


When a website is delivered, we only provide maximum 2 Revisions.

(Or Unless Stated Otherwise)


1st Revision

Means the customer will do full testing of the website once our designer delivers the completed website and submit “adjustments & fixes only” within 72 hours.


2nd Revision

Means, We will make the fixes as per 1st Revision and submit the completed changes to customer. Customer must respond within 72 hours with “adjustments & fixes only” within 72 hours.


If the customer fails to respond within the allocated time, they will lose (forefeit) the chance for revision as we have to schedule our designers on next projects and we cannot wait indefinitely for customers feedback.


Once the 2nd Revision is submitted by customer then no more “adjustments & fixes or changes” will be made by Pixeleight.


If customer wants adjustments & fixes or changes after the 2nd Revision is delivered,

additions, changes or deviations to the above by customer will be charged at R100 per hour.

Web Design Construction Process

All our web designs are top quality and reasonably priced. Our prices for websites are based on the scope of work -  The length of time it takes to design and build a website depends on the scope of work - it could take as little as 3 days or longer than 3 weeks.

If you can tell us exactly what you need done, we can give a more accurate time line.

Website Maintenance

If we take on your job, we will design and build it from scratch.

We only offer maintenance to websites that we designed and built.


See Maintenance Plans


Please Contact Us to learn more

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*Prices valid for initial term only and automatically renew at the regular rate. If you register a free domain with us and choose to cancel your account, you will be charged a R180.00 domain fee if you'd like to keep your domain.

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